What Dinosaurs ACTUALLY Looked Like?

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The past is a vast and mysterious land that begins at the big bang and ends in the present, expanding with each passing moment. It is the home of everything that came before, the key to understanding our present. Here we find the most amazing creatures to ever roam our planet, hundreds of millions of species so diverse that our imagination cannot do them justice. Unfortunately the past carefully guards its secrets.

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  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    4 ditë më parë

    kgs.link/12022_Calendar As the year 12,021 slowly comes to an end, we present to you the 12,022 Human Era Calendar: Eons Edition. You can get the very shiny, high-quality, limited edition now until we sell out and then never again. WORLDWIDE SHIPPING AVAILABLE.

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      Big Smoke

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    • minecraft is 234

      minecraft is 234

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      Here before 300 replies

    • Epic Gaming Ect

      Epic Gaming Ect

      4 orë më parë

      this channel is rediculas i quizzed my kid brother who has been watching this , did humans exist along side dinosaurs he said no !!!!! i quickly had too re-educate him on NEANDERTHAL and how humans in fact did but hid away in caves and where bottom of the food chain . we where primitive humans during the ice age and all the dinosaurs died and we survived with 25% approximately of other animals but we underwent evolution too become homo sapiens ..rather then Primitive ape like creatures .

    • killer -30000000

      killer -30000000

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      Question, is it possible to rebuild a star? In the future that is..

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      random phantom forces player

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      @Homemade Ecosystems Good for you!

  2. breath mint

    breath mint

    21 sekonda më parë

    Good end to the video, every animal we have in the present has evolved over millions of years and it is up to us to guard such sacred complex life.

  3. Gamer Saketh

    Gamer Saketh

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    I was blown away by the quality dude it's buttery smooth too!!! Keep it up!👍😊👌

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    Alexei Caulfield

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    00:10 Just wrong. Nearly every work is wrong, not supported by science wrong... why watch any further.

    • Alexei Caulfield

      Alexei Caulfield

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      That’s not very nice kugmblyat is amazing

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      00:43 sheesh... are you 10? or talking to 10 year olds maybe? sloow 10 year olds.

  12. MYSELF


    11 minuta më parë

    But then again, why should we need to know every single animal that ever existed? Its not like there is a lack of new animal fossils or things to find out about the universe

  13. Arthurly


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    2:23 sheesh

  14. Daze


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    Suddenly I feel sad for not being able to see our mother earth all through her ages.

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    You guys really need to do a Wimmelbook. My little one loves your birds and everything else.

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    Maurice James

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      Rebecca Robert

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    • Rebecca Robert

      Rebecca Robert

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      Yes! that's for sure, his availability is on what's app. 👇👇👇

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    Tsuki Dragneel

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    ‘Dinosaur’ . I wonder if their name will be changed. I mean if they were just giant poultry then might as well change their name to dinopoulerika or something 👀👀👀

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    "Time marches on without any concerns of our feelings." The depth a lot of the quotes coming from this channel is outstanding!!

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    Rafael White

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    It's a shame that we can't "experience" a T-rex? I'm good bro.

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    This was, as usual, really beautiful :D

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    Beautifully made video.

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    Is there a posibility that some bones of the dinosaurs dissolved and the scientists were wrong?

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    2:06 why you have to do me like that :'(

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    lolilol lolilol

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    most of the things we think we know about our past is wrong, dinosaurs is a part of this ; the only real thing about them is fossils

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    Tudor Mebius

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    2:24 'sheesh'

  31. Dan Grundy

    Dan Grundy

    Orë më parë

    humans would rather see other animals dead than observe and adore them... humans value a 10 second taste over their life (yuk), humans prefer to wear their skin for a fashion statement (sick) humans would rather make money than allow other animals to have a home without harm (how disgusting).... get real humans, we are a selfish animal collective, that much so we would actually rather kill ourselves slowly than respect other life and this planet we ALL call home....

  32. Matheus Vinicius

    Matheus Vinicius

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    Wait triceratops exited or not...?

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    2000 creationists dislike this video apparently.

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    Wow this video made me think again about things 🙃

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    No one knows for sure! Do you have a time machine? No so you dont know at best it's just a guess!

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    Toni Robinson

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    Not lost to me. I have been knowing this.. I have fossils and space stones for days. I do want to get disgustingly rich from my finds. Moreover, I want the children to see, feel, smell, and fall in love with meteorites. You could be walking past a piece from our(or their ) universe. Any qyestions?

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    patryk nowak

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    wow this was absolutely amazing to watch, thank you for making it !

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    Be afraid of what an world ending event can do. It’ll wipe out everything we know and won’t be talked about until millions of years later after some space youtubers find the radio waves from earth.

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    Nicholas Skjelmose

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    that mammoth graphic fked me up. why would u do that

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    The nightmarish animal like the baboon the swan and the elephant came from a book

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    This might be one of the only channels where I actually watch and enjoy the advertisements.



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    I wish one day we can see some aliens or otherworldly creatures

  49. John Peacock

    John Peacock

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    The gigantic, land-based dinosaurs never existed. No dinosaur bones were found before 1800.

  50. Nika Bogolyubova

    Nika Bogolyubova

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    incredibly beautiful video 🥺❤️

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    These vids are too nihilistic

    • arjun


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      But informative

  52. Reisender Raumplaner

    Reisender Raumplaner

    2 orë më parë

    Very brilliant video. It explains so well what we think to know and what we never will know. So many people overlook the fact that we only know little about the past because even our civilisation would not leave much after about 10000000 years after if it has vanished immediately.

  53. ColdWarrior


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    Yet again, terrific video. Mad respect

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    Emil Bro Seliger

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    A guy from Denmark named Eske vilderslev can actully find dinosaur DNA in a bit of dirt and then tell how it looks

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    Ross Geller joined this conversation

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    Hi, We are now at 7,9 billion peaple worldwide. My question is: when will the population be too big for earth en we will go ecstinct? Maybe you can do a video about it. Althought, i am curious who will be around to watch it..

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    Mmm no it began with God creating the earth, fallen angels created dinosaurs minus 2 “mythical” creatures God created spoke. Of in genesis

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    This video was beautiful. I have a new appreciation of ancient wildlife and it nearly brought a tear to my eye😁

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    Benjamin Read

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    I'm not bothering to watch this video because I no longer care for this channels gross bias, but the thumbnail itself is stupid. We have historical evidence of what dinosaurs lool like, such as Nazca stones, art of the Moche Tribes, and the petroglyphs in White Rock Canyon.

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    Fabian Prymus

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    Amazing animations

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    this is by far one of the best info graphic video on ALpast

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    minecraft is 234

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    We know so little about the past but it is the future that fascinates us

  66. D. Christopher

    D. Christopher

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    Videos as thought-provoking as this, calling into question what we think we know, serve as a humble reminder. We add to the totality of archaic, our existence. Life, consciousness, the pooling of knowledge… Yes, it’s all a precious miracle.

  67. Sarit Prangya

    Sarit Prangya

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    '' Time marches on without any concern for our feelings and the past expands with every moment that passes. ''

  68. Ariel Gonzalez

    Ariel Gonzalez

    2 orë më parë

    I like how they explain what the past is because it is something so basic that noone needs to have it explained but in a million years people will wonder if we understood basic stuff. Stuff like that is gold for future historians.

  69. Bobo fat cat

    Bobo fat cat

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    Love the animation!

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    dhruv n yuvraj channel

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    Which editing app do you use?

  71. Ramorr


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    Ha! in your face my 2nd junior high teacher who gave me 5 for drawing colorful dinosaur and wrote 'inaccurate color'!! i knew purple T-rex is real!!

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    mad muppven

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    i like this anime

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    D3M1 G0D

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    The Great Flood is responsible for the Dinosaurs/Dragons being wiped out

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    Cool how we can find out so much from things so long ago

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    It’s like how the white marble from ancient Greece and Rome was painted

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    "Time marches on without any concern for our feeling and the past expands with every moment that passes"

  82. Business Stork

    Business Stork

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    Every time I see a new video, a new way of representing information in the form of animation, the new steps of initiative into providing knowledge to the world in stunning visual quality, it tempts me more and more to go apply for a job at kurzgesagt as an animator, story boarder. poster designer, whatever. Just get me on this stunning initiative.

  83. Jerry Noman

    Jerry Noman

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    I Love the Nihilismus, so i need to know nothing about what happened or what will Happen, because, we are so small compare to the universe, that nothing matters 😂😂😂

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    Tất Bình Nguyễn

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    This does remind me the tragedy of Alexandria Library... The loss of knowledge ...

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    The music is actually so charming, rewatched it for the music and all the time I stayed because it just really supported the narrative

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    alec french-polk

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    Dinosaurs aren’t real

  87. Angel Duran

    Angel Duran

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    The flood took out the dinosaurs along with the nephilim giants.

  88. Mirza Noveri

    Mirza Noveri

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    I'm just making dumb guess... but isn't that whole soft squishy organs and skin we humans and modern age species doesn't apply to many dinosaurs because of their massive size? I mean, to fight gravity against their body mass, they need very high density bones and organs...

  89. Kip Supernova

    Kip Supernova

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    In 50 Mio years, the Species living on our Planet after us will think, we had blue Skin without noses XD Great Video, I love it!

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    Mr Satan

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  91. Rahul Bairagi

    Rahul Bairagi

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    Such a beautiful presentation. The animation is getting better with each video. I totally like and admire your efforts. One suggestion though, maybe slow down the narration so that children like my niece, 9 yo, can also keep up. Lota of love from India.

  92. Bruce Lee

    Bruce Lee

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    lmaooo so dinosaurs might actually be cuddly? This changes everything

  93. Even


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    This has to be the best youtube video i have ever watched. Music, animation, writing, it's all over the top. Plus it just shine with fervish childish entusiasm in constrast to the cold harsh truth of the forver lost theme. I have almost shed a tear watching this.

  94. Epic Gaming Ect

    Epic Gaming Ect

    4 orë më parë

    this channel is rediculas i quizzed my kid brother who has been watching this , did humans exist along side dinosaurs he said no !!!!! i quickly had too re-educate him on NEANDERTHAL and how humans in fact did but hid away in caves and where bottom of the food chain . we where primitive humans during the ice age and all the dinosaurs died and we survived with 25% approximately of other animals but we underwent evolution too become homo sapiens ..rather then Primitive ape like creatures ..

  95. Yoehan Russel Gawidan

    Yoehan Russel Gawidan

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    Kenny Mun

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    Beautiful, well done video, but it made me incredibly depressed for the knowledge we'll never know.

  97. Oskar Bondesson

    Oskar Bondesson

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    This is amazing. The dancing dinos with their colorful palette and varied feathers are far more exciting than the survival-of-the-fittest, deadly dinosaurs that i grew up with. We may never know what they actually looked like but perhaps that is a good thing.

  98. goob


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    this one hit hard

  99. Sean Merlin UK

    Sean Merlin UK

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    Dinosaurs would be proud to finally have a spokesman who is on their side

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    Dear Kurzgesagt Team! I have a question about the Kurzgesagt 12.022 Calendar. When should it arrive?

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