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  1. leo pourine

    leo pourine

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    imagine MS x Ziak x Fumez The engineer GAddawn

  2. ket


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    "on da ride, no talk just adlibs" suspect fucknnnn mad for that one

  3. Rhys ArcherBowers

    Rhys ArcherBowers

    15 orë më parë

    So nice how these lovely boys are wearing masks to protect them and others from the virus.

  4. codeineRocket


    23 orë më parë

    Dont think fumez would get away with collaborating wit all da opps here in the states. Prolly would of got smoked especially in Chicago.......

  5. New Money Est

    New Money Est

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    The old.mans murdered everyone on here

  6. Sane


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    Is dis on Apple Music

  7. Eli Vizel

    Eli Vizel

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    Suspect is so good😍

  8. RISKTAKER 0tm


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    The best rappers in the world the us dont have no kapp

  9. Soul Synxy

    Soul Synxy

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    3:05 if u told me he was using a voice change I would believe u

  10. Alen Babolin

    Alen Babolin

    2 ditë më parë

    Suspect is from another world✨

  11. RazerJet


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    "They say I don't rap in an Irish accent, well fuck you, I'm already on top" one of the coldest lines I've heard, surprised that aint no one talking about that

  12. Txm_Tellie Txm

    Txm_Tellie Txm

    2 ditë më parë

    Why u fronting U ain't no Fucken gunman🔥🔥😭

  13. Rachida Martinez

    Rachida Martinez

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    #A92 best

  14. Micheal Uzoma

    Micheal Uzoma

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    Thanks for the great line up

  15. Romero XVII

    Romero XVII

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    0:55 Homie with the Vizard Ichigo Mask 🔥

  16. M


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  17. AP Shotgun Specialist

    AP Shotgun Specialist

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    ps survived death this day ifykyk free miz

  18. I Qaun I

    I Qaun I

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    Did anyone noticed that the ad-libs in the beginning is the ad-libs in the beginning of the other plugged with suspect and 2smokyy ?

  19. Obito Jitsu

    Obito Jitsu

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    Pete and Bas Are Mad Underratred AF

  20. Kieron Kaya

    Kieron Kaya

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    Suspect goes hard every time

  21. Dusan Ilic

    Dusan Ilic

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    wheres block 6?

  22. I Qaun I

    I Qaun I

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    On the ride no talk just ad-libs bear skrr skrr ching ching bow bow suspect went dummy on the track🔥🔥🔥🔥💯

  23. chiru


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    How did I miss this?? Colddddddd 🥶



    5 ditë më parë

    pr and do road always go crazy on bigger platforms

  25. Gary Byrne

    Gary Byrne

    5 ditë më parë

    Suspect is sick

  26. CrazyEntertainment TV

    CrazyEntertainment TV

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    Office was poor here

  27. Habib Khater

    Habib Khater

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  28. Habib Khater

    Habib Khater

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    Suspect and Keene killed it

  29. Sajid Hasanzada

    Sajid Hasanzada

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    One of the most dirtiest to this day

  30. KOODA


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    On my mom Pete and vas hit hard



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  32. Ken Oath

    Ken Oath

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    Pete n bas fucking smashed it

  33. Kem Nation

    Kem Nation

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    Yup fumezy

  34. CHATOX 01

    CHATOX 01

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    Ft skinny flex?

  35. Oj Juddy

    Oj Juddy

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    U ain't no fuckin gun man cuzzzz

    • 👑Lord Spongebob👑

      👑Lord Spongebob👑

      6 ditë më parë

      Now we wait for the idiot who miss read this comment.

  36. TejasGaming


    7 ditë më parë

    All them drillas is mad but man big man Bass goes hard as fuck when he flows. Man's delivery is better than post fam.

  37. dhia Fekih

    dhia Fekih

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    From uk yes, blady gangster

  38. David Musau

    David Musau

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    A92 short

  39. Daniel Fagan

    Daniel Fagan

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    'they say i dont rap w an irish accent well f u im already on top' the coldest line no cap

  40. Foebabyco Joe

    Foebabyco Joe

    8 ditë më parë

    Im from the us plugged in exposed me to kire uk artist fumes keep do your thing

    • Ib Abdi

      Ib Abdi

      8 ditë më parë

      Active gxng - plugged in Suspect active gxng - dug out 2smokeyy - corn

  41. H2S


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    Bruh suspect smashed this

  42. Oliver Allen

    Oliver Allen

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    The first don is darkest man

  43. Javi Classical Gaming

    Javi Classical Gaming

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    This is it Fumez 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  44. AmoSaid


    9 ditë më parë

    04:41 what does he say between 2 man 2 and shavin

    • Ib Abdi

      Ib Abdi

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  45. dragoljub vojinov

    dragoljub vojinov

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    Crni cerak 💪💪💪

  46. Jerry


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    The beat makes me feel like I'm in firelink shrine

  47. Brood


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    This sound jamaica type of badness😂😂

  48. Brad the monkey

    Brad the monkey

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    peat n bas fuckin killed it

  49. Eoin Thompson

    Eoin Thompson

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    Pete and baz have better lung than alll of us wtf



    10 ditë më parë

    when a92 born, he talked with the doctors

  51. Infinity Rektic

    Infinity Rektic

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    First time petes surprised me, bas fumbled the start rest was fire as always but pete outdone himself 🧊

  52. King Ginger

    King Ginger

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    Fumez was defo hyped when Pete and baz came on and didn't have to hear about murder

  53. B


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    1:34 definitely the coldest 🥶🥶

  54. Mini_mongreal_30fps Mini_mongreal_30fps

    Mini_mongreal_30fps Mini_mongreal_30fps

    11 ditë më parë

    Ps stole Kwengz T-shirt mad one

  55. Xavier Debelsunce

    Xavier Debelsunce

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    sus n kweng on the same beat😮‍💨😵

  56. Florence Kabagweri

    Florence Kabagweri

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    Them senior citizens got bars

  57. F0x! GL

    F0x! GL

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    THE FUCK 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  58. B Tlhaselo

    B Tlhaselo

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    Kweng is clear🤟🏾

  59. swjsdi d

    swjsdi d

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    the old men, suspect yute, irish donnys RUINED it lol. shoulda got proper drill artists that been about since 017/18 instead of them lol

  60. ATomlinson


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    do road is too hard

  61. JustDrew


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    You have to put the group or the person name up so we can know who is who.

  62. nathanael daniel

    nathanael daniel

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  63. Ewan Bird

    Ewan Bird

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    Pete and bas ruined this



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    1:20 the lyrics went clean here

  65. omid dorodi

    omid dorodi

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    omg perfct

  66. Karen sanders

    Karen sanders

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    Not very Christian

  67. Josiah Blake

    Josiah Blake

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    These gentlemen seem noble I would be happy to leave my future daughter with them

    • Josiah Blake

      Josiah Blake

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      Btw am jk

  68. Steal Wolf Productions MK 2

    Steal Wolf Productions MK 2

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    "They Say I don't rap in an Irish accent but fuck you im allready on top". Mad one

  69. Carnage


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    4:00 best part of the whole song

  70. Callum Wright

    Callum Wright

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  71. Contcq.


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    We need more of these

  72. Aatif Zobair

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    Them grandpas killed it

  73. Golaotswe Mogopodi

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  74. ronburgindee


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    " they say i don't rap in an Irish accent " Thats cause you don't ya sellout wannabe 🤣

  75. Leonardo Quaranta

    Leonardo Quaranta

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    pete and bass are so smooth

  76. DVD R

    DVD R

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    100k likes finally

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    emmanuel isidor

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    the name's Ksav..K..Sav

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    PS does not miss!

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    Ay, Plugged In, Fumez The Engineer Bow [Verse 1: Suspect] I'm the one they blame for a lot of their pain I'm a rassclart beast and I can't be tamed Grim Reaper, how you think I got that name? Man tape estates, man don't play games (No) When gang got a drop but got there late They dropped Culprit, so I can't complain They all wan' know why I open heads My zombie don't want nuttin' but brains Bring out the dots and bruck off the back 'Cah I might just call this shotgun Shane This 10 or 11 gripped thе .12 gauge Don't slip on the back road, get front pagеd (Bow) Don't need a salon to get man wigged Just give him a shave and watch him fade Free Armed Response, free Risky, free T.Scam, free Smokeyy, free Broadday [Verse 2: PR SAD] Reckless was a minor setback The killers home, all now they ain't get back Music made them forget that Two points elsewhere, you ain't no "get-back" You ain't bring waps in gardens Regularly use it, we take them marchin' Reignited this beef, the verbal charge it They done couple things, now S1's in a casket Get side by side or it's up and under We rip flesh, we ain't worry about jumpers He wanna risk so we hit him with a bumper See him fly high, no point looking under Spin this coupe, slow down, who's smoking? I didn't do it like Reckless in motion I hopped out the car while the whip was rollin' Hop that fence on my breath and smoked him Breaking Down Drake’s 'Certified Lover Boy': Kanye Beef, 'Way 2 Sexy,' & Cudi | For The Record  Breaking Down Drake’s 'Certified Lover Boy': Kanye Beef, 'Way 2 Sexy,' & Cudi | For The... [Verse 3: DoRoad] Why you frontin'? You ain't no fucking gunman, cuz' Niggas can't say nun' about me 'cause they seen or heard I'm a bun man, bun man Skid 'round tryna get a pump, 'cah I made man jump when I hit him with the humpty dump This six shot one will turn into a sticky one if I seen these guys, take Runts, punk I ain't no eediat, step 'round there and just beat it But I'mma just step 'round there and just beat it I squeeze it when I see a man (Boy) Then I'mma dash off when I got him Peewee, my blood, man I love him, I got him We got bad habits, we've got in common Catch an opp then we pop him [Verse 4: R6] I got locked in a box, he got put in a box It's a reckless world, Reckless got hit with the ancient dots (Bow) Shotty gone way too rusty, grease that down with WD-40 (Grease it) Don't move your guns outside, we caught Reckless in a mash with 40 (40) Size twelve boots, I got me a gym bag, me and my team, that's forty (Forty) And the way that I got down Dayz, the scars on him was way too naughty (Eurgh) .44 chunky stones, we done Kloose like twice Squeakz got fried, they put him on loan (They put him on sub) [Verse 5: Ksav] They say I don't rap in a Irish accent Well, fuck you, I'm already on top (Don't care) Who trap boy like Trapboy Before I'll invest in jewels, I'll invest in a Glock (Bow) Gang's on top, grind don't stop Rapping or robbing, anyting for the guap Bando settings, I'm chilling with fiends And them man know that you can't beef us [Verse 6: Offica] He love to flex online like Balotelli But he saw us and shat himself Oh my, he left his gyal, doesn't matter She's a jezebel (Jezzy) And I heard that the pum pum smell That why I don't go for a Rose's girl But I'll still take her, not to beat I'll ching you down while she gives me a twirl [Verse 7: BT] My bro DD fell in love with his tools Fill up the car, let's glide on these fools (Let's go) Bro jump in the ped and drive it, vroom, vroom (Ska, ska) Bro roll-on man, bun man like a zoot I'm addicted to smoke, ain't nothing like Snoop My darg come tapped, he a young Ice Cube I got sweets, tryna M2 yutes Call it M&Ms get a sweety a two [Verse 8: Dbo] Beefin' with me, man I hope you're ready Don't play with your mental health 'Cause the mash will leave you with more than a headache And mans got a stick like Tiger Woods Leave a hole in one like Headie (Woi, woi) Aight, aye, steady, steady Can't talk 'bout the things that we've done 'Cause mans on TV, now it gets techy [Verse 9: Suspect] On the ride no talk, just adlibs Bare, skrrt-skrrt, ching-ching, bow-bow (Bow) Dot dot's same size as Lil' Bow Wow Stuff two cannons in I'm tryna wild out (Find out) Find out where you hang, gang gonna ride out Ceemizz in my blunt I'm getting high now, hi now Headshots, we don't sky 'round Chest shot make a nigga lie down (Lie down) Everything real that a nigga write down Big stainless steel make a nigga pipe down This war is too real can never die down If it ain’t NB then I'm throwing 5s down I'm S-Pect better respect Might get your head wet Tryna come and G check Tryna pick which bro had a colourful set Turn blue purple when I see red (Suwoop) [Verse 10: Bas] Ice cubes in a nice cold glass And a Carta Blanca Bacardi white rum And I’ve been out and about with About ten more birds than I just did last week Money walks into me bank like dogs at a picnic party I've been bringin' in the bacon, darling Yeah, yeah, how come nobody's got flows like this then? [Verse 11: Pete] Good question, I don't know See, I ain't got a clue when I move so-so No way, we don't play no games Get crossed when your circles loose like tic-tac-toe None of them work like Pete & Bas Got a bigger net worth than Peter Jones Run up in his house and I kicked off the door When the family's out and he's home on his own [Verse 12: PS] Step in my Forces or my Jordans (Stepper) Man get pierced like Morgan Do it this mornin' (Yeah), now they're all mournin' Coulda put more in, but it got borin' (Yeah, bu-bu-bu-bu) Tizzy T, I put my all in Opp block tourin', I'm like a foreign (Skrr) Four door (Skrrt), four in, coulda put more in But we just wanted to bang, we're whorin' [Verse 13: Kwengface] Still tryna do a man hashtag critically (Du-du-du) Peng brown ting called Tiffany All on me and her bracelet looks Tiffany (Oi, come here) She gave me slop top in the drop top, nearly had an epiphany (Woo) This black hand ting is Russian (Bap), the shined out kicks from Italy The other side lit? I disagree [Verse 14: PS] I know the opp boys all sick of me (HSQ) Can't lie, I can't even blame them (Hitsquad baby) Pepper that beef, like, tickle me (Brrap, brrap) I just come run and cause mayhem (Bap, bap) I gotta skeng in the AM Or when it's late tryna catch me a paigon (Bap, bap) Ask me if dem man ride, it's blatant I just say no, Ronald Reagan [Verse 15: Kwengface] Me and P like Freddy and Jason (Gang) Two man, two anglos, man shave it (Woo) In the two-point-two with two of my bruce Three hours just lookin' for paigons (Where they at?) Wave it, man shave it Do it with flair put your face in the papers (Oi, oi) Us man just done us a drill Nostalgic, ain't done it in ages (Bap, bap) [Outro] Fumez The Engineer

  82. Mochii Fn

    Mochii Fn

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    This is such an underrated plugged in

  83. Eric


    20 ditë më parë

    Bro who are the old men they’re actually lit

  84. Black Magic

    Black Magic

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    My Zombie don’t want nuttin but Brains! (Ouchhhh!) 🙏🏾

  85. LHMadeThis


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    I swear the you aint no fuckin gunman cuz verse is the hardest verse out of all plugged ins🤯

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    conor hill

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    What's the first plugged in

  89. Liam H

    Liam H

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    Should get splinta on

  90. Justin Holgate

    Justin Holgate

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    Fumez is literally a drill god. He’s cool with every gang.

  91. ID


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    Thatsss soo🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 keep going

  92. Maz D4inna drilla

    Maz D4inna drilla

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    My guys❤

  93. Maz D4inna drilla

    Maz D4inna drilla

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    PorTyPayb 007

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    pete and bas god damnnn🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  95. The big opinion 🤔

    The big opinion 🤔

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    Still pissed over the old geezas verse

  96. tumelo imataa

    tumelo imataa

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    Waiting for unknown t

  97. AK47 RUST

    AK47 RUST

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    msn got the kettle in the studio

  98. tomi139


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    Does anyone know what jacket PR SAD has in this video, what brand?

  99. Julian


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    That was definitely the best plugged in but Suspect, PR SAD and the last 2 were the best damn

  100. Leighton Peart

    Leighton Peart

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