Dua Lipa - We're Good (Official Music Video)

The official music video for Dua Lipa - We're Good
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Taken from the Moonlight Edition of Dua Lipa's second studio album 'Future Nostalgia' released in 2020, which featured the hit singles 'Don't Start Now', 'Physical', 'Break My Heart', 'Hallucinate' & 'Levitating'
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Directed by Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia
Produced by Iconoclast
Executive Producer: Natan Schottenfels
Director of Photography: Marcell Rev and Santiago Gonzalez
VFX by: Vania Heymann and Tal Baltuch
Color & Title Design: Tal Baltuch
3D Production: Yambo Studio
Rig & Lobster Animation: David Beran
Lighting & Shading: Yambo, Nemanja Ivanovic
Additional VFX: Cinnamon vfx
Sound Design: Shlomi Attias
Storyboard: Maayan Shinar
Edited by: Gal Muggia and Vania Heymann
Choreographer: Charm La’Donna
Assistant Choreographer: Alex Clark
Commissioner: Katie Dolan
Director rep: Hands London
Production Service NY: Walter Pictures
EP Walter: Lia Mayer-Sommer
Line Producer NY: Courtenay Johnson
Production Service Kiev:
EP Shelter: Albert Zurashvili
Line Producer Kiev: Daria Stepani
2nd unit DP: Denys Lushchyk
Art Director Shelter: Misha Levchenko, Aleksey Velichko, Vlad Tymchenko
Dua Lipa Team-
Stylist: Lorenzo Posocco
Stylist Assistant: Juan Zenon
Make Up: Samantha Lau
Hair: Anna Cofone
Tailor: Luis Cascante
BTS: Bryan Berrios, Tyrell Hampton
Dua’s Assistant: Nawal Alkhedairy
Transportation: Larry Vesquez
I’m on an island
Even when you’re close
Can’t take the silence
I’d rather be alone
I think it’s pretty plain and simple
We gave it all we could
It’s time I wave goodbye from the window
Let’s end this like we should and say we’re good
We’re not meant to be like sleeping and cocaine
So let’s at least agree to go our separate ways
Not gonna judge you when you’re with somebody else
As long as you swear you won’t be pissed when I do it myself
Let’s end it like we should and say we’re good
No need to hide it
Go get what you want
This won’t be a burden if we both don’t hold a grudge
I think it’s pretty plain and simple
We gave it all we could
It’s time I wave goodbye from the window
Let’s end this like we should and say we’re good
We’re not meant to be like sleeping and cocaine
So let’s at least agree to go our separate ways
Not gonna judge you when you’re with somebody else
As long as you swear you won’t be pissed when I do it myself
Let’s end it like we should and say we’re good
Now you’re holding this against me
Like I knew you would
I tried my best to make this easy
So don’t give me that look just say we’re good
We’re not meant to be like sleeping and cocaine
So let’s at least agree to go our separate ways
Not gonna judge you when you’re with somebody else
As long as you swear you won’t be pissed when I do it myself
Let’s end it like we should and say we’re good
About Dua Lipa:
Born and raised in London to Kosovar-Albanian parents Dua Lipa signed to Warner Records in 2015, releasing her self titled debut in 2017 which featured the hit singles, 'Be The One', 'IDGAF', 'Hotter Than Hell' & her first UK #1 hit 'New Rules'.
Critical success soon followed as Dua Lipa picked up Brit Awards for 'Best Female Solo Artist' and 'Best British Breakthrough Act' as well as Grammy Awards for 'Best New Artist' and 'Best Dance Recording' for the track 'Electricity' in collaboration with Silk City.
Her second internationally acclaimed studio album 'Future Nostalgia' was released in 2020 and included the hit singles 'Don't Start Now, 'Break My Heart', 'Hallucinate' and 'Levitating', with the remix album 'Club Future Nostalgia' following shortly after featuring guest appearances from 'Blackpink', 'Missy Elliott', 'Madonna' and 'Gwen Stefani'.
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    What about the "cocaine" part i dont get it.........

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    omg... the lobster meme lmao.......

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    Its describes,that she hates peoples and Loves LObsters ))

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    I loved the Titanic reference!!!!!

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  34. DamianOMH


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    It's sad how the Lobster died but good that 1 survived

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    Love you Dua, but the glamorous dresses and choreography reminds me a little of Kimbras "Good Intent" video.

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    Es una Diosa♥ ¡La amó ¡

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  55. Sabrina


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    My new Song favorite 💘

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  59. A really big Annoying Orange Fan

    A really big Annoying Orange Fan

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    What a twist 😂 love it❤

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    Richardine Bikker

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  67. Carlos Vil

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    La mejor ❤❤

  68. Nelsing M

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  96. Ayden Brown

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